National Parks Association of NSW - Macarthur Branch

Freres Crossing

Freres Crossing entrance is at the end of Freres Road, Kentlyn, no vehicular entry is allowed, but walkers are welcome to wander down the fire trail to the Georges River.

A person of average health should be able to manage the walk down to the river, but the less healthy may need to take a few stops on the way up, as there is a hill to negotiate, but views along the river are worth stopping to admire.

The crossing was named after George Pierre Frere, who owned a property at Eckersley, but by 1913 all residents had been moved out of the area to make way for the military reserve.

In more recent years a concrete causeway has been built across the river, but this may only be accessed by emergency or military vehicles.

More experienced bush walkers can make their way along the river to The Basin Reserve (Keith Longhurst Reserve) and make this a circular day walk by leaving their vehicle on Georges River Road.

The normal bush walkers code of care and ethics must be adhered to, and vehicles left at owners own risk.

Freres Crossing old bridge